Champion All Fleet T 10W-30 4160H, 1 qt (Case of 12)


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  • 1 Qt (Case of 12)

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Champion All Fleet T series engine oils are designed to provide premium performance to meet the needs of next generation of heavy-duty engines. Increased power density, reduced oil volume and extended drain intervals place unique demands on engine oils to control oxidation by-products, sludge and deposits. Due to higher shear stress and lower viscosity minimums for engine oils, only oils with the highest wear protection and viscosity stability can maximize the performance and life of advanced diesel engines. Champion All Fleet T® builds on a long, trusted history protecting hard-working diesel engines.

Oxidation Control- Controlling oxidation is a key performance improvement for the API engine oil upgrades. Champion All Fleet T® series engine oils exceed industry and OEM oxidation performance, allowing users to achieve longer drain intervals, reduce maintenance and downtime, and extend engine life. Controlling oxidation, corrosive acids, sludge and varnish precursors allows for extended drains and minimized wear.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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